Hello everyone! I am super excited to announce that the second edition Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot deck is now available for sale on my Etsy!

This edition offers larger cards (3.5x5), in a much sturdier box which is perfect for storage if you don’t have a tarot back available. The cards are also printed on high quality paper and feel great!

The Companion book (sold separate) is a short guide book to help give insight and basic keywords to the tarot deck and the artwork. The book also fits perfectly in the second edition box!

I also offer select prints of my tarot artwork!

+ I do ship internationally! Please send me a message on Etsy if you are out of the US and interested in purchasing a deck or book. (Additional shipping fees may apply)

+ Animalis Os Fortuna is created and drawn by me based off of the traditional tarot. The artwork features animals and bones (no gore).

+ The deck is in black and white, as well as the box and book.

My deck has come quite a long ways since I first created it and I am so happy to share it all with you! Please stop on by!


Hello everyone!
Well it looks like I am currently SOLD OUT of my first edition decks!! I can’t thank you all enough!
Never fear though, the next week opens up a new chapter for my tarot deck. I will have the new second edition available as well as the companion book!
Please stop by my store in the mean time. I still have prints and originals for sale!